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MontClairVoyant: When Montclair School Buses Improve, It’s No Longer Route Bier

  DEAR MONTCLAIRVOYANT, Your last two columns railed against overbuilding in Montclair. So, even as the developer-lovin' Planning Board predictably okayed downtown's too-big "arts district" Sept. 25, could you discuss other topics such as school-bus...

MontClairVoyant: Open Space, the Final Frontier; Pave Over Every Montclair Park?

How about housing for geese, restaurants at Anderson Park, and a hotel in Brookdale Park?

MontClairVoyant: A Sincere Tribute to Teachers Before This Column Jumps the Shark

    DEAR MONTCLAIRVOYANT, With school starting today in Montclair, I'd like to note that most teachers are kind, patient, talented, hard-working, and much more admirable than worst-person-on-the-planet Donald Trump, right-wing Republicans who support him, various...

MontClairVoyant: When a Big Eclipse and a BOE Meeting Happen on the Same Day

Eclipse glasses, climate change and changes in Montclair schools.

MontClairVoyant: Seymour Gets Nod. This August 10-Themed Column Is Odd

    DEAR MONTCLAIRVOYANT, With things slower in Montclair during a late-summer month, how will you fill this August 10 column? Sincerely, Dez Perado By using historical events that happened on August 10. For instance, born-that-day author Jorge...

MontClairVoyant: Shedding ‘Light in August’ on Charters, PARCCs and Health

Facts instead of fake news...what a concept!

MontClairVoyant: Read This Humor Column and Become a Roads Scholar

Fidelity Place, Buckingham Road, Appleton...how did they get their names?

MontClairVoyant: Overdevelopment in Montclair: a 21st-Century History

Are the Lackawanna Plaza and Seymour projects distracting many of us from thinking about The MC hotel?

MontClairVoyant: Presenting…Harry Potter and the Chamber of Montclair

MHS graduation, Lackawanna and Chris Christie through the lens of Harry Potter.

MontClairVoyant: Drones, Layoffs, Builders, Rodney: Nightmares Without Wake-up Calls

Talk of drones while school district sees dozens of layoffs.

MontClairVoyant: Fidget Spinners, Unicycling Unicorns, and Weirdly Named Dogs

Montclair might not have an interim superintendent until the 2018-19 school year.

MontClairVoyant: After Trump Left Climate Pact, Township Council Should Act

Election results, Hampton House closing and the seemingly endless search for a Montclair School superintendent.

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