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David Burke Orange Lawn Offers Outdoor Dining Oasis in South Orange

New Jersey's Gov. Murphy announced Monday that restaurants can reopen indoor dining Friday at 25% capacity. While many will return to favorite restaurants and dine indoors, others will continue to enjoy outdoor dining, with...

RIP Herman Lew 1955-2014

Hundreds of friends and neighbors showed up for a memorial service Sunday at the Glen Ridge Women's Club.

Essay: There Is Nothing Special About This Glen

Which is exactly what is special about it.

Ner Tamid Softball Team Seeks to Defy Odds

Improbably, Ner Tamid enters the second round of the Livingston Temple Softball League playoffs.

Debbie Galant: See You Around the Quad

Today, I leave Baristanet to begin an exciting new role at Montclair State University.

Adult School of Montclair Gearing Up for Fall

They want your ideas, your energy and, now, your money.

Private Art Lessons With Diane Israel

Learning to put paint on canvas with a pro.

Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps Joins the Montclair Parade

Who are you coming out to cheer for on Wednesday?

Grabowksy Sues Montclair Over Assisted Living Plan

Grabowsky says the proposed facility will put a "drag" on economic growth downtown.

Luxury Kitchens Come Cheap, If They Fit

Cherry cabinets and granite countertops at a fraction of the cost -- if you can make the layout fit your kitchen.

Honey, There’s a Giant Tomato in the Garden!

Not what I was expecting.

Crosby, Stills Sightings in Montclair

Will you be riding on the Marrakesh Express?

Debbie Galant: My First Race

Jocking it up in Glen Ridge.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

A big-time directorial debut for MSU graduate Lorene Scafaria.

Clever Commute