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Breaking Boundaries: A Progressive Program for Students with Special Needs

Does your child have trouble making friends? Maybe they sit alone at lunch or rarely get together with other kids their age.  If you are concerned that your child doesn’t seem to fit in,...

Montclair Parents Petition Medical Marijuana Dispensary

"The anxiety some parents feel over their kids is immense and should be recognized by the medical community."

New Beech-Nut: Real Food For Babies

I have to admit, I wasn’t too optimistic when the Beech-Nut box filled with the company's new product line came filled with four jars of baby foods for my daughter to try. She turned...

More Than a Bump on the Head: Brain Injury

When a child is injured, the full extent of the brain injury can take weeks, months or even years to emerge.

Feeling Anxious? Your Kids May Be Too

Parents of both children with special needs and general education students attended Montclair SEPAC’s discussion on the topic of Kids & Anxiety.

Crash, Into New Beginnings, The Story of Gabe Hurley

Moving on from tragedy to inspire.

Highlights from The Common Core Workshop for High School Parents

A healthy-sized crowd showed up at Montclair High School in early December for the third Common Core State Standards (CCSS) presentation offered by the district, this one specifically designed for the parents of high school...

The Most Meaningful Gifts

A young man's love for his sick mother, reminds the author that her children are gifts.

Game On! Meet the Zam0ns

Tired of the same old ho-hum weekend activities? Consider the brand new Zam0ns game. Packed with an exciting treasure hunt set against a mysterious meta-physical being backstory, the Zam0ns game is one that the whole...

DIY Tips to Update Your Child’s Bedroom

“They are growing so fast!” If I could get a nickel every time my mother says this when she walks into my house…  But it’s true. I get nostalgic every few months when my baby...

Easing into Halloween with Kids Who Have Special Needs

Before giving up on your plans to parade your little Captain America around the neighborhood, consider these tips.

Cameras Roll on Don’t Foil My Plans

Award-winning film maker Ben Stamper intends to tell the story of Justin Canha in his documentary "Don’t Foil My Plans."

Clever Commute