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Unraveling at the Montclair Board Meeting

At one point, an attendee hijacked the microphone at the podium while Lombard was speaking, prompting the Board members to take an impromptu recess so everyone could calm down.

The Common Core Shifts English Language Arts

How parents can approach these shifts with their children.

Teaching Our Children to Think

Critical thinking is the key.

Family Travel: Fun For All at Camp Common Ground in Vermont

Where families of diverse backgrounds come together to experience the joys of camp life, once again.

Safe Yards Montclair Offers a Block Challenge

The first block to get at least 50% of their lawns pesticide-free would win a $250 gift certificate to Whole Foods for a block or neighborhood party.

Guide to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in Montclair

Your guide to Scout programs.

The Sound of Change: Montclair Speaks Out on The District's Plan

Change is coming for the Montclair public school system and the volume of chatter around town is rising.

Clever Commute