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Letter to the Editor: Preserve Union Street Home, Stop Demolition

Montclair is a town known for its abundance of fine old homes and more importantly, for long established characteristic neighborhoods, all over town. To be relevant today, Historic Preservation must consider safeguarding the existing...

Montclair History Moment: Mary McLeod Bethune

Going up Claremont Avenue past Upper Mountain Avenue, one passes the cottage-like James Howe House, familiarly known as the “Freed Slave House”. It is distinguished as being among the oldest standing houses in Montclair....

Montclair History: The Darden Sisters, Spoonbread and Strawberry Wine

A historic look at The Darden House in Montclair and the family that lived there.
Lillian gilbreth

Montclair History: Dr. Lillian Gilbreth, An Innovative Woman

The first American industrial/organizational psychologist.

Montclair History: Afterglow “Knocks a Homer”

Belleclaire, one of the Afterglow’s estates was a Yankee’s Association headquarters that hosted baseball legends like Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth.

Blog: Save Montclair’s Historic Social Fabric

"Permanent and affordable housing is a means to vital sustainability for residents of our community and for newcomers, to insure Montclair’s characteristic social diversity."

Frank GG: Consider Montclair’s Past When Planning for the Future

In developing Montclair Center, we should evaluate and respect the guidelines of the Nolan Plan.

My Favorite Place: Pals Cabin

Thomas Edison, Madame Curie and Liberace all hobnobbed at Pals Cabin in its heydey.

Frank GG: Saturday Night Fever Revisited

Disco was back, for one night only, and our own Frank GG was there.

A Visit to Paterson

What it looks like, how to help.

Coasting in Montclair

A sepia-toned account of sledding in Montclair in the Victorian era and the 1920's.

Clever Commute