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Luna: Ed Asner to Star in 16-Year-Old’s Play

MHS student Nicky Glossman's "The Professional" will be performed this weekend at Luna Stage, with a cast that includes Ed Asner.

Mabou Mines’ Peter and Wendy Soars

Though full of adventure and fun, there is a melancholy  in Barrie's story about the boy who never grows up.

Suzanne Vega Sings About Carson McCullers

Vega has created a fascinating theatrical portrait which shows us a woman struggling with love and life.

When Housewife Turns Record Mogul: Baby It’s You

A new jukebox music with authentic Jersey roots has opened on Broadway.

The Millburn Chai Center Debate Continues

Rabbi Mendel Bogomilsky maintains his sense of humor despite slow progress in his effort to build a new synagogue for his congregation. Opponents remain vocal.

Zoning on Millburn Chai Center: Hearings Go On (and On and On)

For most of the four hour meeting at the Millburn Zoning Board of Adjustment last night, architect Laurance Appel explained his plans for the Chai Center, and was cross examined by the lawyers of...

Sunday Irish Music at St. James’ Gate, Maplewood

This Sunday from 2 - 5 pm, like every Sunday at that time, Irish musicians will gather at St. James' Gate in Maplewood for a seis√∫n (session) -- an Irish music jam. Called the...

Nostalgic For The Fourth of July, Millburn Style

The Fourth of July is special in every town, but for Local contributor Gwen Orel, nobody does it better than Millburn. South Mountain is walking to the high school, carrying lawn chairs, pulling wagons with...

Clever Commute