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Daffodils, Now!

Jump-start Spring with this project.

Ask Holly: Indoor Games With Mr. Eder

A few weeks ago I took my daughter to an after-school program at Montclair's Nishuane Elementary School called "Getting Fit With Mr. Eder." Parents were invited to compete against their children in a variety of different...

Ask Holly: King Cupcakes

Make this easy version of King Cake to celebrate Mardi Gras!

Ask Holly: Flower Barrettes

Ready for spring? Yeah, me too. I have become a bit addicted to making flowers with felt after the recent success of the felt roses my daughter wore to school. I am making these...

Ask Holly: Easy Cherry Jam Crepes

In honor of President's Day and the tale of Washington and the cherry tree, I'm offering a cherry dessert. The first time I tried these crepes I scarfed down about four. It was at a party,...

Ask Holly: Historical Things to Do With Kids

Don't know much about history? Take the family on a historical day trip.

Ask Holly: Valentines Four Ways

Okay Baristaville only three more days until Valentine's Day--are you ready? If not, here are four fun and easy ways to say "I Love You" without the store bought sentiment. Click here for instruction to make the bubble...

Ask Holly: Paper Rose Valentines

You will make these gorgeous, super easy Paper Rose Valentines with just paper, scissors and glue and this is what will happen: You will love making them and everyone will love receiving them. (They

Ask Holly: Ice Sculpture

We have snow and now we have ice. Growing up in Michigan we had loads of both. So after getting my 5 am robocall about the Montclair school delay, I decided to get up,...

Ask Holly: Homemade Granola

Granola: it's what's for breakfast (or snack).

Ask Holly: Banana Snow People

Snow Snow is  small clouds that have gently fallen to earth. Snow is a beautiful scene of winter. Snow is a frozen water that has been formed into magnificent shapes. Snow is the main resource of a...

Ask Holly: Penguin Hats

So the big day is here. You have done your shopping, sent your cards, planned your menu, rented Happy Feet and March of the Penguins. That's right folks, it's PENGUIN AWARENESS DAY! And you are ready for it....

Ask Holly: Snow Day Fun

  "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." ~ Theodore Roosevelt. So we have more snow.  Here are some fun things we did this morning out in the new snow, as well as...

Ask Holly: Beaded Snowflakes

"How can I get the house to look fun and festive for winter now that the holiday decorations are all put away?" These pipe cleaner and beaded snowflakes were so easy to make and...

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