Le Sponge Brings Local, Wholesome Food to Former South Park St. Bar Location

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April Fools!

Spring has finally come to Baristaville, which means we have only a couple of months more to work on our beach bodies. For those of us who love to to go out to eat, but hate bringing home the calories, a new health bistro has opened up in the old Park St. Bar & Grill location.

bouch Le Sponge is a health-conscious French dinette that specializes in all local and organic cuisine. Owner, Carrie Ah-Frique, former student of both Jacques Pépin and Cousteau, is excited to open up his new eatery in Montclair.

“What this town is missing is a casual restaurant that serves wholesome and local cuisine” said Ah-Frique, who gets all of his ingredients from Whole Foods and CVS, both along Bloomfield Avenue. The menu is small, yet elegant, beginning with the Amuse-Bouche, pictured right. Continue Reading

Plenty of Oohs, Aahs and Unghhhs: A Seat At Downtown Montclair Bathroom Tour

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April Fools!

Taking notes from the success of this months Glen Ridge Kitchen Tour, the Montclair Center BID is giving locals another opportunity to experience the extravagance of downtown Montclair living in their first annual Downtown Montclair Bathroom Tour.

toilet2 “If you think that Glen Ridge is the place to be for opulence when you ‘gotta go,’ then you are in for a surprise and a treat,” said BID director, Jerri Freed. “You haven’t really gone if you haven’t gone on a Downtown Montclair toilet.”

Proceeds from the tour will be used to pave a special pickup lane for Hillside dads. Tourists will be taken through the bathrooms of various apartments along Bloomfield Avenue, some even with the consent of the renters. Continue Reading

Will Downtown Montclair Survive the Closing of Hostess and Death of the Twinkie?

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After a few tense days of rumors about Hostess Brands closing down due to a baker strike, the company announced Friday that they are asking a federal bankruptcy court to allow them to do just that. With household name products like Twinkies, Wonder Bread, Devil Dogs, and – my favorite – Ring Dings, a lot of childhood favorites are at stake. The Millenial Generation is already freaking out on the blogs and Twitter, but most people I’ve talked to about the story asked “Do people even eat Twinkies anymore?” A Friday afternoon quest for toilet cleaner turned into an exploration of just that: the effects of Twinkies on local businesses and townsfolk. I walked along Bloomfield Avenue in search of the cream-filled golden cakes, which I have not eaten in over 10 years, and thoughts on the story from my downtown brethren.

My first stop was the CVS at 514 Bloomfield Avenue. It would have been Whole Foods, but the thought of them carrying anything from Hostess is hilarious. It turned out that CVS had nothing from Hostess on the shelves; the aisle seemed to be monopolized by Nabisco. As I rang up my toilet cleaner, the reason I put pants on and left the apartment in the first place, I asked my cashier what he thought about the idea of Hostess shutting down. He had no idea this was even happening; all he could say was “What? Why? That’s sad. I like Twinkies.” Yes, it was sad. It looked like I had to go further down the Avenue to find the good stuff. Continue Reading

Jenn Schiffer: Blogging Is Hard, Brah.

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When I took over Baristanet, I was just their lowly web developer, paid by the Baristas to do something I truly love: write code and have the power to delete the site’s current existence with a couple of clicks.

BaristaJenn was a serious experiment in a single-person-run hyperlocal site, and it’s time for me to pass this experiment back onto the Baristas. I’ve nearly run out of great cat photographs, Walleroo is passed out in some school lawn somewhere, and Holly is outside my window ranting about the perils of drinking juice.

It was a fun day, my friends, but it doesn’t mean you will not see me in the future. Tomorrow is the Baristanet Live Chat with the mayoral candidates, and someone’s got to make sure no one screws it up.

Auf Wiedersehen, meine Freunde.

Jenn Schiffer, founder of the site formerly known as BaristaJenn, is Baristanet’s web developer and queen of the Internet. You can follow her on Twitter (@jennschiffer), or email her if something here is broken (or you just want to say “Guten Tag!”) at [email protected].

Exclusive: Unbelievable Footage of the Dance-off That Led to the BaristaJenn Takeover

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Debbie (in red suspenders) started out strong, but I totally crushed it at the 30 second mark.

Name that Cocktail!

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'Chocolate Syrup' photo (c) 2011, tkraska - license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/Whenever I think about elections, or about the burden of holding the weight of the entire hyperlocal world on my shoulders, I crave a good sippy. Now, I’m no bartender, but I’ve got some cups and spoons laying around the apartment. I read about Holly making cocktails all the time, so I figured I could give it a shot.

You’ll need the following ingredients for this smashing drink:

Wet ingredients
2 tbsp. chocolate syrup
1 cup milk

Dry ingredients
1 cellphone

The first, and hardest step, is to mix the wet ingredients in a cup. I don’t know about you, but I think this chocolate-milk mixture is probably the best idea I’ve ever come up with.

Unfortunately, I don’t drink dairy, so step two is to use your cellphone to call Holly and tell her that you need her to make you a cocktail STAT.

You also tell her to have Georgette meet you over there.

Did you guys know that Holly doesn’t know who Ryan Gosling is? Also, she just discovered Photo Booth on her iMac. I don’t know what’s lingering in the air over at her place, but after some of this vodka and lemonade drinky drink, everything was really starting to look neon and inverted.

So, help me name this cocktail, pals!

My Favorite Place: Montclair’s Glenridge Ave. Post Office

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April Fool’s!

Montclair Election 2012 Scorecard v3.0

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Elections are hard, you guys!

Folks like I needed a scorecard to help them keep track, so Baristanet made one. Strangely, the whole line-up of candidates has been completely changed, with many dropping out the race (was it something I said?), and some unlikely characters wanting in on the fun.

Check out version 3.0 of the Montclair 2012 Election scorecard:

(Click to enlarge)

Coffee With…Jefrey B.

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Jefrey “Burrito” Beansprout is a 5-year-old black cat with a heart of golden kibble. He’s a bad dude with cattitude. BaristaJenn sat with him this morning to learn more about his thoughts on the upcoming Montclair Election, development on South Park St., and the local school budget.

BaristaJenn: Jefrey, what are your thoughts on the upcoming Montclair Election, development on South Park St., and the local school budget?

BaristaJenn: No, Jefrey! Those are my toasted waffles! This interview is over!

Breaking News: Exclusive, SHOCKING footage of Thursday’s Wellmont fiasco

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You saw it first on BaristaJenn.

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