Blog: On Sean Spiller — Follow the Money

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Baristanet-BlogsA few days ago on the Montclair Watercooler there was a discussion of the political race for the 3rd Ward Council seat in Montclair between Sean Spiller (the incumbent) and resident Maureen Edelson. I initiated that thread based upon other comments I had read about mailed campaign literature (ads) by Mr. Spiller. At one point in the discussion, a member of the group inquired, “Where does the money come from for all these ads.”

Since I have recused myself of any discussion of education issues on the Montclair Watercooler, I could only answer that query with a comment that the information is available, and someone should report back on it. Here is that “reporting.”

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Letter to the Editor: Jon Bonesteel – Montclair Kids First

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letter to the editor

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The following is a Letter to the Editor sent by Jon Bonesteel, a Montclair father of three public school students:

We shall fall behind
Our fellows in the world
If, when we should advance,
We make no move at all.
– Emperor Meiji

This past Friday Montclair Kids First (MKF) filed a formal complaint with the Essex County Superior Court asking the Court to remove Councilman Sean Spiller from the Board of School Estimates (BSE), as his service on the BSE represents both an actual conflict, and the appearance of a conflict, of interest. This filing required a statement by a member of MKF to assure the Court that MKF is a viable party and that the member, to the best of his or her knowledge, supports the assertions made in the filing. As the information is public, I can confirm that I am the member of MKF who has signed this statement.

The details of the case are public record, and you are welcome to review them and form your own opinion. The presiding judge is expected to rule this week.

I’d like to clarify how we got to this point, and why I have joined MKF.
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Make a Makerspace in Montclair

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Bonesteel teaching an afterschool enrichment class. The first day project was marshmallow guns.

Last night I was flipping through an old Wired magazine and saw a RadioShack ad.  You may or may not know the series, technical projects with references to things you have never heard of.  This one intrigued me – make a rainwater collection system that by solar power pumps the water to a tank that by its location (up high) creates a pressurized tank for watering your garden, washing the car, etc..  I probably won’t make it, but the possibility prompted me to ponder, where would I work on such a thing or ask others for help if I wanted to?  There is the interwebs of course, but one thing I have learned while I have been associated with the Adult School in town is that the web is a weak substitute for face to face instruction or a personal community to help you learn something.

I’ve been a bit of a tinkerer for a long time.  I enjoy technology projects and it turns out I am not alone.  A week and a half ago the Worldwide Maker Faire was held in Queens, NY and many of my friends in town made the trek there to enjoy what was dubbed “The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth“.  I was also excited to see the story on Barista Kids last week about Lara Arda, of Glen Ridge, NJ, who won an award for her lemon battery project.  There is much talk of course in the press about STEM (Science, Tecnology, Engineering, and Math) support in our schools, but it’s my opinion that more is needed here in Montclair where those who are excited by these sorts of projects can come together to share knowledge, work on projects, and build some really cool things.  In short, I believe we need and deserve a Makerspace in or around Montclair.  To that end, I have pulled together a brief set of questions and answers about Makerspaces and how we could make one happen here.

Let’s jump in shall we?

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