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Jewish Cinema Takes Center Stage

The New Jersey Jewish Film Festival is happening until April 1!

Prop. 8 Play to Premier at Montclair State

Broadway play based on the court case that overturned Proposition 8 in California debuts for one performance on March 24 at Memorial Auditorium.

Aspiring Kindness at the SOFD

Local charity will make a donation to the SOFD on March 25 in memory of Boland Hall fire victim, Aaron Karol.

Spring Art Talks at the MAM

Two upcoming spring Art Talks at the Montclair Art Museum will feature New York Times art critic Holland Cotter and chief curator emeritus of painting and sculpture at MoMA, John Elderfield.

RePlant Montclair Needs Green

RePlant Montclair is seeking donations to replenish the town's tree population devastated by the October snowstorm.

Congressman and Jeopardy! Champion Rush Holt to Deliver Lecture

Answer: He's a five-time Jeopardy! champion, scientist and congressman speaking at MSU on Thursday.

Montclair State University is Prepared

The University's disaster preparedness plan is mandated by a new state law.

Community Rallies to Support Gay Marriage

Group holds a peaceful candlelight vigil to protest Gov.'s veto of marriage equality bill.

Car Chase at MSU

A car plunged down a hill at MSU Sunday morning during a car chase.

Community Responds to Bloomfield Ave. Murder

A packed and emotional room voices concerns over crime in the area and the need for community policing.

Police Snipers Guard Rally as Students Proclaim “Human Rights are Sexy”

It's a beautiful day for a rally -- no matter the cause.

Clever Commute