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The Special Connection: Two Authors Speak About Autism in Maplewood

You've come a long way Chicken Boy. The clever children's story--about a boy with autism and super powers--won the Mee-Genius e-Books Author Challenge last March and is now available for only $2.99 on the...

The Special Connection: Fun Things To Do Before School Starts from the Founder of...

WeeZee is a fun space where all kids exercise their senses.

Yoga FIT Yoga Postponed Until Next Saturday

This just in from Garden State Yoga: Due to weather, the event YOGA.FIT.YOGA is postponed until next Saturday. The ground is too wet today and lightening is forecast. So come next week for a fun,...

Go to as Many Kindergarten Playdates as You Want

I've had three moms in the last two days ask me the same question: "Are we allowed to attend only one kindergarten playdate, or can we go to all of them?" Resoundingly, and without any authority...

I Bought the Best Beets from Teen Farmers at Miller Street Urban Farm

They sell their produce every Friday from 3 to 6 p.m. at the Child Development Center parking lot located at 33 Fulton Street.

Northeast School Announces Kindergarten Play Dates and Ice Cream Social

The PTA at Montclair's Northeast Elementary School invites incoming kindergarteners and new students over for their annual get-to-know-you visits. The playdates and ice cream social offer kids and caregiver the chance to meet before...

First Bike Ride: ‘It Was Worth It’

My neighbor did something I've been afraid to do. She took her 5-year-old and my two 6-year-olds on their first bike ride last weekend--without training wheels. They wore their helmets. They stayed on quiet streets. They...

The Tooth Fairy Forgot

I have learned from some crappy parenting mistakes. This one is right up there.

Montclair Boy Band The Sergeants of Rock Rocks

A boy band from Montclair is whipping out some serious competition--and they're available for hire.

Montclair’s Uptowne Girl Salon Delights Daughters and Moms

Giddy, wide-eyed and totally psyched. That's how I'd describe my 6-year-old daughters when they first saw the cute new salon in Montclair called Uptowne Girl.

Chess Camp is Cool at The Montclair Co-op

We met Steve Moctezuma, left, last weekend in Upper Montclair. He was doing a rockin' chess demonstration on Valley Road. I was wary. I always assumed chess was for super brains. I figured my...

Congratulations Class of 2012 (aka 2026)

Last Friday, I attended my third--and last--preschool graduation in three years, see left. My black mascara failed me at all of them. This one was especially touching because my youngest is headed to kindergarten...

Surprise Guest at our MFEE Toast to the Teacher

Tell us about your favorite teachers and toasts. There are more going on this week, including one on Thursday for outgoing superintendant Frank Alvarez.