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Drowning in Books? Not a Problem.

Bookbgone's mission is to keep unwanted media out of our landfills and place them with those who want and need them.

Positive Parenting Workshop at the Geyer Family YMCA

Whether you're raising a toddler or teenager, communication difficulties can be extremely frustrating and emotional.  Parents and caretakers can learn hands-on strategies to help smooth the ruffled feathers on both sides of the conversation...

Giveaway: Snow that Needs No Shoveling

We're giving away a few of our favorite snuggle-up-and-read books.

Teaching Stars How to Shine at The Modern Music Academy

There's a new music studio in Baristaville.

The Modern Music Academy: Making Grammy Dreams Real on Grove Street

MMA wants to begin a tradition of community activism and involvement--and help create a few pop stars.

No Baby, No Cry: The Blame Game Resurfaces

According to a recent posting in the on-line version of Psychology Today, parents who allow their babies to "Cry it Out" end up with damaged children.

Giveaway: A Duck in New York City Storybook and CD

We have an enhanced copy of "A Duck in New York City" (CD included) to giveaway to one lucky reader!

Skating and Sliding at Codey Arena: Family Fun for All Ages

Those looking for some family activity time this winter, don't hesitate to head over!

d*FIT: Come for the Sweat, Stay for the Community

Walking into the d.FIT space next to the Walnut Street Station feels more like walking into a spa than a fitness studio.

Hyperlocal Gifts Without the Clutter

Supporting local business without adding to our big pile of stuff.

Make Visiting Dickens Village a Day in Maplewood

If you haven't taken the family to visit Maplewood Village, this weekend affords the perfect opportunity.

Giveaway: Getting Ready-to-Read at Home

We have a set of Ready-to-Read books to give away to one lucky reader!

Giveaway: Mary Higgins Clark and Local Authors Excite Students to Read

We have a signed copy of "The Magical Christmas Horse" to give away to one lucky reader!

Braving New Food At Montclair’s Adara

Discovering root beer jelly cubes, mozzarella balloons and a bittersweet chocolate orb.

Clever Commute