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Letter to the Editor: Save Montclair Urges Council To Rezone Bloomfield Ave. Business District...

Diligent members of our Planning Board have proposed rezoning the Bloomfield Ave business district from 6 stories to 4. If approved by the Council, this will protect our downtown from more extensive development...

Letter to the Editor: Significant Concerns About Lackawanna Plaza Development

The developer’s plan for Lackawanna Plaza will be presented to the Council for review this Tues, May 23 at 7PM

Blog: Say NO to Rooftop Addition on the Montclair Police Building

It is protected and a key building in our downtown historic district.

Blog: Montclair Historic Preservation Protections Dismantled

"Visitors come and support Montclair’s local businesses now only because of Montclair’s small town historic ambiance."

BLOG: Master Plan Not Developed For The Good of Montclair

"Boo, groan and cheer when appropriate at meetings."

BLOG: Montclair Master Plan — We Need To Speak Louder

Who are our elected officials and planning board listening to? It must not be the residents. We need to speak louder.
Save Upper Montclair

Blog: Save Upper Montclair From Master Plan

"Montclair businesses will not survive a major construction project in those parking lots."

Blog: Master Plan Will Radically Alter Montclair “Village Life”

Linda Cranston, co-founder of the Save Upper Montclair Facebook group, shares her views.

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