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A Book for the Beach, Backyard or Bus

A bonanza of book bounty. Or just one Boss.

Last Nights to Catch the Perseid Meteor Showers

Today and tomorrow are peak (and final) viewing times this year.

Special Senate Primary Election is Tomorrow, But Does Anyone Care?

Voting is likely not high on many folks' to-do list.

Post-Hurricane Sandy Effects Showing Up Nine Months Later, in Small Packages?

When the lights went out, did couples fumble their way to some fertile fun?

Montclair Baby Name Expert on High Alert Today

Pamela Redmond Satran is juggling media requests, appearances, baby-naming contests.

Heat Wave Arrives, and Plans to Stick Around (UPDATED)

Triple digit "heat index" numbers to hang around all week.

Livingston (Lack of) Sleep Screening Could Pinpoint Health Risks

Not getting your ZZZs? Program next Tuesday could help.

Featured Pieces from Montclair’s Gallery Loupe Headed to Newark Museum

Local gallery grabs curator's eye with provocative art jewelry selections.

Rapidly Moving Thunderstorms Spark Power Outages, Felled Trees

Last night's storm caused some power outages--and a few lovely photos.

Organic Farmstand in Cedar Grove Benefits Historical Society, Morgan’s Farm House & Museum

Lettuce, honey and more at the new Morgan's Farm Stand.

Can “Stronger Than the Storm” Stand Up to the Backlash?

Thumbs up -- or down with the Shore campaign?

It’s Mosquito Control Awareness Week! Are You Excited?

Did you (or your kids) get the first mosquito bite of the season yet?

Clever Commute