Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Letter to the Editor: Support for Reasonable Rent Control

Given continued volatility in our local rental housing market, we should support some rent regulation today to protect our township’s character. However, no one should support using undemocratic means to engineer...

CentroVerde Project: A Bulky, Huge Block of Building Design

A vote on this issue could happen at the next board meeting on Oct. 7th

Martin Schwartz: The Issues Behind the Election

"You can't treat this election as just another small town beauty contest."

Martin Schwartz: Election at the Tipping Point

LeeAnn Carlson has helped focus the debate on municipal performance and management reorganization. I endorse her candidacy.

Martin Schwartz: The Truth about Rabbi Michael Lerner

Rabbi Lerner, who will speak at Bnai Keshet next week, continues to substantiate anti-Israeli canards.

Home Renovation Old House Restoration: Kitchens & Baths

What to fix first? A new kitchen and updated baths are the smarter investment.

Martin Schwartz: Delay Picking the DCH Developer

"Opening up the re-development plan to the market is the only way to tell if Montclair's position has been maximized...."

Martin Schwartz: The Remsen “Crew” Returns from the Dead

"Their policies started Montclair’s slide into the fiscal poor house."

Martin Schwartz: Budget Politics Redux

Whether the 2011 budget passes tonight or not, Mayor Fried and his Council supporters are defending their fiscal and debt management efforts to date, clearly the start of next year's re-election campaign. Fried believes that...

Op Ed: Councilor Baskerville’s Continuing Racial Divide

"The councilor should be fighting for a zero tax increase to help keep her constituents in their homes. She has yet to weigh-in."

Ongoing Budget Woes for 2011: An Op-Ed by Martin Schwartz

Same old, same old? Martin Schwartz says that in terms of Montclair's budget, "we're exactly where we were last year."

Martin Schwartz: Save MAC

The Montclair town council will vote tomorrow on funding for the Montclair Arts Council. Schwartz says killing them off is a short-sighted and a mistake.

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