Monday, August 10, 2020
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NJ Spotlight Profiles Democratic Candidates in Competitive 11th Primary Race

New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District seat is up for grabs now that long-term incumbent Republican Rodney Frelinghuysen announced he will not be seeking re-election. Democrats are intent on flipping the seat in November, but...

Gov. Christie, Rand Share Opposing Views on Ferguson

President Obama also delivers a statement.

NJ Spotlight: Will Chris Christie’s House of Cards Collapse?

NJ Spotlight analyzes Christie's chances for a presidential run.
booker and lonegan

Short Summer Primary Campaign Favors Booker, Lonegan

Chris Christie did frontrunners a favor, says NJ Spotlight.

PSE&G Says Insurers Shortchanging It On Sandy Recovery Costs

If court finds for insurance firms, ratepayers could wind up paying the $400M difference.

Report Demonstrates Continuing Value of Preschool for New Jersey’s Poorest Kids

One of the common questions raised about preschool is, “Do the benefits really last?” According to a report the answer is in the affirmative for NJ’s state-funded program.

NJ Spotlight: New Jersey’s Wealthiest Counties

The Garden State is home to some of the richest counties in the country.

Tracking NJ’s Corporate Economic Subsidies

A new report says many states, including New Jersey, waste billions of dollars giving out economic development subsidies.

New Jersey’s Worsening Foreclosure Crisis

A withering assessment about pending foreclosure actions.

State Inspections Reveal Nursing Home Violations

Map pinpoints problems at facilities in our area.

In New Jersey, Colder Winter Could Push Home Heating Costs Higher

But even with below normal temperatures, NJ homeowners could pay less than residents of other states.

NJ Spotlight: If Budget is Approved, NJ Faces Fiscal Crisis Next Spring

Tax cut or not, the state is facing a net budget shortfall of $500 million to $1 billion next spring.

NJ Spotlight: Angels Sought for NJ’s Emerging Technologies

N.J. Senate is re-introducing a bill that would invite "angel-investors" to put their money into emerging technologies.