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NJ Spotlight: If Budget is Approved, NJ Faces Fiscal Crisis Next Spring

Tax cut or not, the state is facing a net budget shortfall of $500 million to $1 billion next spring.

NJ Spotlight: Angels Sought for NJ’s Emerging Technologies

N.J. Senate is re-introducing a bill that would invite "angel-investors" to put their money into emerging technologies.

Mapping Health Insurance Coverage

In New Jersey, 14.4 percent of people under age 65 are not covered.

Interactive Map: State Aid to NJ Public Schools

The proposed New Jersey budget for the new fiscal year holds a modest, but welcome, increase in state aid to school districts.

Can NJ Afford Christie’s Tax Cuts?

New Jersey Spotlight thought Christie's numbers were screwed up. S&P has joined them.

Property Taxes Up 20 Percent Under Christie

Under Christie, there's been less property tax relief in the form of rebates and tax credits.

PSE&G Wins Special Incentives for Transmission Upgrades

Gray Street, Schmay Street. PSE&G will build 25 miles of new overhead transmission lines in Hudson and Essex County.

Latest Round of Charter Applications Filed with Education Department

Quest Academy, the proposed charter school for Montclair, applies for the fifth time.

PSE&G Hurricane Hearing Attracts Audience of Two — Both JCP&L Customers

Is it apathy, understanding or did we just not know about it?

Administration’s New Message to Charter Schools: Quality Not Quantity

Nevertheless, for anyone thinking the movement is slowing, 25 more schools are still slated to open next fall, the biggest new class yet.

Fine-Tuning a Controversial Tenure Proposal — Quietly

In its current version, the bill would grant tenure after a teacher completed four years with satisfactory reviews and take it away after two consecutive years of unsatisfactory grades.

Education Commissioner Cerf Refines the Rules for Charters

Acting education commissioner Chris Cerf has detailed steps that are intended to improve the oversight of new and existing charter schools.

Port Authority Toll and Fare Hikes May Be on Fast Track to a Veto

NJ Dems have implied that the plan is just a political exercise.

Anti-Bullying Law Starts for Schools Next Month

More than 1,000 school administrators have gone to day-long training sessions across the state over the past month.

Clever Commute