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10 Tips On Volunteering at School

Are you a volunteer? Tell us what works for you.

Raising Emotionally and Socially Healthy Kids

Social media and technology in general have created a new social dynamic, especially for pre-teens.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

This past month, as the days got shorter and the sun rose later, my 10-year old son got sadder and sadder. Getting off the bus on the last day of day camp he knew...

Chicago: The Kind of Town Perfect for a Family Trip

Chicago offers a wide variety of activities for all ages in just a two hour flight away.

Moms Form a League of Their Own in Millburn

These women are taking the field for themselves, competing in the newly formed Women’s Softball League.

Eight Reasons Why Day Camp Rocks

This morning at 8:15 am, my 10-year-old son grabbed his backpack and hopped on the bus, ready and excited, to day camp. Although many of his friends have decided to go to a sleepaway...

Good News Bears

My husband works in NYC and he is usually on the train by 6:30 am and and not home until 8 or 9 pm, with the occasional early day home at 7 pm. So I was more than...

Walk n’ Roll For SMA: From a Friendship Between Children to a Huge...

When my daughter was in the 1st grade she met a girl named Katherine and they soon became good friends. Just like many of the other children, Katherine loved arts and crafts, Harry Potter...

On Carpools and Friendship

It started with a carpool. A preschool mom asked me if I would want to carpool – not with her, but with a friend of hers I had never met named Andrea. Andrea had three...

The Sour Side of Sugar

Our lives will be sweeter in the long run if we eat less sugar.

End of a Shopping Era: Loehmann's is Closing

Loehmann's is closing. I am not sure how many families care about this news but in our house, it was pretty upsetting. My two teenage daughters and I love shopping at Loehmann’s. Sure there are tons...

8 No Fail Toys For Kids

When I was a child, the three gifts that topped my holiday list were Lite Brite, Easy Bake Oven and a Barbie Dream House. I never got the Barbie Dream House  because it was too...

Let it Snow?

Around this time of year there are two types of parents – snow warriors and snow weenies.

On Creating Perfect Memories

My friend  is obsessed with the holiday season especially Christmas.  From the décor to the food to the gifts, her goal every year is to provide her family with a magical memorable Christmas. For the...

Clever Commute