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5 Will Drive

Getting a driver’s license is a major milestone for a teenager and for a teen’s parents. As a mom of two teens, one with a driver’s license and one just a few weeks away...

All Grown Up

Just like Leo’s mom predicted, when I stopped looking my daughter bloomed.

7 Things I've Learned About Concussions

While my research for the article helped me to recognize the signs of a concussion, personal experience has changed my perspective.

Her Bags are Packed But is She Ready to Go to College?

Packing for college seems kind of like a final exam for mothers.

SOS – Save Our Summer

Don’t let the summer slip away. But don’t get too bogged down in what you coulda, woulda, shoulda done this summer.

When You Can’t LOL – You Get to Really Laugh Out Loud

At camp, my daughter can’t “LOL” so instead she really laughs out loud—no emoticons necessary.

Surviving the First Summer of Sleepaway Camp

How a mom is learning to handle sleepaway camp.

Skip to the Bus My Darling

Weekday mornings at my house usually follow the same routine. I wake up and press PLAY. Get up, get coffee, make sure my daughters are up, get a second cup of coffee, make lunches,...

On Parenting: Sticky Hands and Other Yucky Stuff

Thursday morning my nine-year-old son J was in his room getting ready for school when he shouted, “Mommy, have you seen the pants I wore yesterday?” I suggested he check the laundry (an odd...

Making Something Out of a Nothing Day

When it comes to my childrens' weekends and school vacations, I tend to think of myself as a landlubbing Julie McCoy, the cruise director on the fabulous but fictional 70’s cruise ship, The Love Boat.

"Why?"—Thoughts on The Ideal Family Size

Some people just seem to instinctively know what the ideal family size is for them.

Wrong Direction: Thoughts on One Direction and Other Boy Band Lyrics

It worries me to think about young girls like my niece or my daughters listening to songs like this.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Teachers

Gift ideas for that important person in your child's life.

Teen-rific Holiday Gift Ideas

Some gift ideas for the teens in your life.

Clever Commute