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The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Tooth Fairy

I don’t know what’s up with the Tooth Fairy these days. She must be sitting down on the job or something because on numerous occasions and for both my children she has forgotten to...

Panda Dad Vs. Tiger Mom

Which style of parenting is better?

Edgemont to Kick Off New Bike & Walk to School Initiative

It just so happens that Wednesday, April 6 is National Start Walking Day, which couldn't be a more ideal day for Edgemont to launch its new Boltage Bike and Walk program. "It was perfect timing," said Jennifer...

Giveaway: Two Tickets to Paradise

Our biggest giveaway yet!

The Care & Maintenance of a Hermit Crab

Okay, last week when I wrote in a comment on the pet post that hermit crabs make great pets I wasn't being completely honest. They do make good pets, but if you are a hermit...

Can We Have a Pet?

It's the inevitable question, and one I was adamantly against until recently. I had pets growing up, but I never wanted one as an adult, and once I had kids, I had all the wild...

Do You Lie to Your Kids?

Are little white lies or omissions of certain facts okay?

Mark Your Calendars: Family Night is March 23

In my house every night is family night. My kids and husband and I all sit down and eat dinner together as a family. We have to wait for my husband as he gets...

Montclair’s School Board Adopts Budget

The $110 million budget was unanimously passed, despite the MEA shouts of, "You should be ashamed!"

What Would You Do for Your Child?

My longtime, childhood friend recently signed her 4-year-old up for ballet class, which caught me a bit off guard. I didn't really see her as the ballet type. My friend, I mean. I could see her signing...

Financial Life Lessons at an Early Age

This weekend my daughter was dying to spend up the gift card she received for her 10th birthday, and as Sunday promised torrential downpours, I figured it was as good a day as any...

Child’s Self-Control Plays a Role in Future Success

It turns out, everything you need to know to be successful in life you learn in preschool. I heard that on NPR the other day. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed for me. I flunked...

Circumcision Isn’t for Everyone Anymore

Fewer than half of US baby boys are being circumcised, but the AAP is set to issue a new policy advocating for the procedure.

Snowman/Creature Contest: Win a Tinga Taqueria Gift Certificate!

Build the best snowman/creature and win a family dinner to Tinga!

Clever Commute