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Montclair BOE Budget: Take 2

Closing of Edgemont and Renaissance Schools: projected savings are $1.4M.

Local Adoptee Shares Her Story at Watchung Booksellers

Montclair resident, adoption-advocate, and author Zara Phillips just released the American version of her adoption memoir, Mother Me, after having previously published it in her native England. It hit bookshelves here yesterday, Valentines Day. Phillips’s...

Are Your Kids in the Arms Race for Top Schools?

Local writer discusses it in the WSJ.

Alvarez Presents Preliminary School Budget

Superintendent goes over Plan A of budget cuts. If district doesn't receive any state aid, another $2M will have to be cut in Plan B.

Essex Ed Says Six More Weeks of Winter

"Essex Ed is a groundhog of truth and a groundhog of accuracy," Zoo Director Dr. Jeremy Goodman said, pointing out Ed's been correct seven out of the past eight years.

The Quandary of the Wannabe Tiger Mother

I don't really want to be Amy Chua. But, to be honest, I would like to be half a Chua.

Alvarez Announces All Montclair Schools to Remain Open

"I believe we can do this with minimal tax increase. One of less than 1%," Alvarez stated.

Mom Seeking Moms to Share Their Stories

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times. The truth about early motherhood.

Superintendent Alvarez Talks Cutting Costs on Special Education

Outsourcing of Special Ed. aides, bringing out-of-district students back and better transitioning of the IEP were focal points.

Let’s Talk About Sex

A recent study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health took on the sensitive topic of sex education, specifically, where kids get their information and where they should get their information.  The study found that...

Saving or Censoring Huck Finn?

Replacing the "N" word so it can be read in school.

A New Year’s Resolution that Can Change a Child’s Life

Attention runners! A Montclair mom is raising money to help orphaned children in China and needs your help.

My Princess Boy Author Visits Watchung Booksellers

A story about acceptance.

New Year’s Resolutions for Mothers

So we asked you what your resolutions were as parents, but what about ones for yourself? I remember well those early years as a mother and how important it was to take time out...

Clever Commute