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Montclair Board Formally Begins Investigation Into Breach of Assessments

Resolution gave Attorney Mark Tabakin authority to issue subpoenas to relevant parties to provide documents and appear before the board to testify.

UPDATED: MEA Town Hall Speaker Discusses Privatization of Public Schools

Farrell warned about privatization, charter schools and education reform.

Montclair Cares About Schools Warns Against More Testing and Superintendent's Corporate Mentality at Forum

More rigorous testing, CCSS, Governor Christie and Superintendent MacCormack criticized.

Montclair Board Meeting: Concerns About Testing and Teacher Preparedness

More concern from residents over new curriculum, assessments, and Common Core State Standards.

Montclair Education Association President Shepard Files Suit Against Board Member Coke

Shepard has filed an "unfair labor practice charge" against Coke.

UPDATED: Montclair Board Meeting: Questions and Criticism About Dr. MacCormack

More criticism surrounding its standardized assessments and grumblings that Superintendent MacCormack lacked a proper certification mandated by the state.

Montclair Board Unanimously Approves Strategic Plan Despite Protests

The Strategic plan will address seven goals for Montclair Public Schools over the next two years.

Montclair Board Meeting: Achievement Gap, Budget, and Contract Negotiations

BoE and MEA working with mediator, Dr. MacCormack discusses achievement gap.

Montclair Board Budget Meeting: MacCormack to Restructure Central Office Positions

Hire two new supervisors in central office, replace special assistant to the super with talent officer, and create Deans of Students positions.

Superintendent Penny MacCormack Visits Second Ward Community Meeting on Her Listening Tour

“What I need to truly be ready in my mind for this position is to understand the community, understand the context."

(UPDATED) MEA and BoE Impasse Dominates the Montclair Board Meeting

MEA members turned out at BoE meeitng in a standing-room-only crowd and appeared to dictate the agenda.

Montclair BoE Meeting: Approval of New Teacher Evaluation System

Allows teachers and principals to have a shared understanding of what constitutes quality teaching and encourages principals to get into classrooms more.

Clever Commute