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Citizen Group Hopes to Manage Clary Anderson Arena

"I felt that their model could be used to do much more than run the ice arena. It could run all of Recreation's programs."

Montclair Council Endorses Affordable Housing on Wildwood Ave.

The fate of an affordable condo and Montclair redevelopment are also discussed, a new CFO appointed and more.

Lawsuit Filed Against Builders of the Siena

Siena condo owners have taken their complaints of mold to the courts.

Mental Health Housing Controversy Results in Lawsuit Against Montclair

The Mental Health Assoc. is suing Montclair for violating the civil rights of mentally ill people.

Montclair Passes Budget With Reassessment Costs

Councilor Cary Africk only "no" vote for unpopular 70.9 million municipal budget and 1.6% property tax increase.

Still No Budget, Montclair

Budget can't budge until funding for 2012 property re-assessment gets sussed out. A $150,000 loss annoys Africk; residents voice concern about affordable housing for the mentally ill.

Fierce Words, Confusion and Disorder, but Still No Budget for Montclair

"You can bang the gavel all you want, I have a right to finish my sentence!"

Empty Chairs Make for a Quiet Montclair Council Meeting

Three absent members made for an unusually well-mannered session last night. Several issues were tabled, others passed unanimously.

Proposed Preschool Cut Hot Topic at Montclair Budget Meeting

Final budget vote delayed, amendment to restore funding to Montclair Pre-K defeated.

No Vote Yet on the Montclair Budget

A special meeting to further discuss the budget has been called for May 3, a week before the next scheduled town council meeting.

Council Approves South Park Street Redevelopment

It was voted in, 5 - 2. In other development-related business, Wildwood Avenue and New Street/Mission Street projects will be considered further.

Clever Commute