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DanceWorks Opens Montclair Farmers’ Market

DanceWorks, the Grove Street-based troupe directed by Kathy Costa McKeown that will perform at the Olympics this summer, danced at the opening of the Montclair Farmers' Market yesterday. https://youtu.be/gDlva6l2uDg

La-Z-Boy Rolls onto Norman Road

Brooke Shields, La-Z-Boy spokeswoman, will likely pay a visit.

Michael Moore Wants to Rile You Up

Though speaking to the choir, Moore said he wasn't interested in comforting it.

Richard Price and the Art of Screenwriting

"It's all about what happens next, what happens next, what happens next."

“Copenhagen” is the Bomb

Luna Stage's production is so good you might have to see it twice.

Warren Levinson: Slow Dancing on the Old Swamp Road

Rt. 3 ain't what it used to be.

Remembering Whitney

Flowers, balloons and an outdoor assembly.

Clever Commute